Lake Sanctuary

Santuario del Lago is a private conservation area, which is located on the shores of Presidente Roosevelt, XI region of Aysén. This natural heritage is protected by the Conservation Easement (DRC).

Conservation Easements

The private conservation area Santuario del Lago- Lake Sanctuary- is adjacent to Lago Presidente Roosevelt, 24 km to the Southwest of Reserva Nacional Lago Las Torres and 33 km to the Southeast of Puerto Cisnes, in Aysén. It has a total surface of approximately 571,7 hectares, mainly covered by evergreen native forest and woody shrubland in small extensions. This zone inlcudes species such as coihue de Magallanes (Nothofagus betuloides), coihue de Chiloé (Nothofagus nitida), tepa (Laureliopsis philippiana), arrayán macho (Rhaphithamnus spinosus), notro (Embothrium coccineum) and maqui (Aristotelia chilensis).

Since march 2023 its natural heritage has been protected by the Conservation Easement (DRC) in perpetuity, where the WEConserv Foundation enforces the law to guarantee its conservation.


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