About us

We are a non-profit Foundation, focused on conserve lands in the long term. Our work ranges from land stewardship of private lands, valuing nature's contributions to people, as well as generating scientific evidence and technical knowledge of the lands we safeguard.

Mission: To conserve the natural and cultural heritage of private lands, as well as value nature's contributions to people in the long term.

Vision: To guarantee nature conservation and nature's contribution to people in the long term for both private and public lands, through the implementation of strategies according to international standards, by integrating local communities, both in Chile and abroad.

Values: Sustainable management, evidence-based conservation, preserving ecological and cultural heritage, and to value the nature’s contribution to people.


Conservation Easement

Conservation Easement design, working with private landholders on the ecological value of the area and it’s impact on the local communities. Compliance verification through land monitoring.

Preserving ecological and cultural heritage, and to value nature’s contribution to people. International collaboration to carry out projects with other LandTrust foundations.



We provide technical and legal advice to landowners, as well as to public or private entities that wish to conserve.


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